Who we are & Our vision

We created the Dental Love as we love Dentistry, and we love helping our patients reaching their ideal smile and getting back their confidence to smile.

With more than 20 years of combined experience working as Dentists in the UK we decided to start our own practice where we would be providing all sort of dental therapies from exams, dental hygiene, fillings, dentures, bridges to more advanced such as smile makeovers, anti-wrinkle treatment, fillers, composite bonding, veneers, implants, and orthodontics either with braces or Invisalign.

Panagiota Anagnostopoulou

Orthodontics was the part of Dentistry that attracted my attention since I was a dental student. Up-to-date, with Invisalign I have transformed more than 400 smiles.

  • I graduated from Athens Dental school in 2012 and since 2014 I work as a Dentist in the U.K.
  • I have a special interest in Orthodontics, and I am finishing my master’s at the University of Warwick. Also, I have a diploma in clear aligner therapy from the City of London Dental School.
  • The last years I practice only Orthodontics due to the high demand, where I offer both options of fixed braces and Invisalign treatment.
  • The Invisalign treatment provides quick results while being almost invisible. It transforms smiles and provides confidence.
  • After all those years of experience and still every time a patient says thank you for giving my smile back is like I hear it for the first time!

Ioannis Gonianakis

Dr Ioannis Gonianakis qualified in 2011 as a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Athens, Greece and practiced General Dentistry at a busy private practice before relocating to the UK, in 2013.

  • Ioannis has gained the MSc in Dental Implantology from the University of Bristol. He has also completed other implant dentistry programmes, most notable the ones from the International Team for Implantology (ITI). In addition, his passion for Aesthetics led him study Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute.
  • Furthermore, he is a certified provider of Cosmetic Adult Orthodontics, including Invisalign, as well as Facial Aesthetics. His extensive training, experience and compassionate approach is his winning combination that brings successful results to complex cases.
  • Ioannis is a champion of prevention and a practitioner of advanced restorative dental treatments. His greatest satisfaction comes from addressing his patients’ needs, whether they be new teeth or cosmetic enhancement.
  • Ioannis believes in everyday positive attitude that keeps our hearts warm. He is enthusiastic about keeping fit and enjoys travelling around the world as much as a nice board game.

Our secret ingredient is always love!

Transformed more than a thousand smiles!

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